LSI Credit Solutions exists to make a difference
and impact the lives of our clients, since 2006.
We will show you how to fix your bad credit.

With LSI, we show creditors who you really are and work with you for the long term, so you can
live a debt free lifestyle. We are the industry leader in representing our clients by assisting
them when dealing with unpaid collections and credit disputes.

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We offer a
lifetime warranty


We protect your rights
and identify errors that
may have occurred in
the collection process


We repair your credit with
all 3 bureaus - Equifax,
Experian and TransUnion


We teach you the secrets
to becoming debt free while increasing your credit score
with your own money


We negotiate with
your creditors

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We take on your
current issues, as well as anything that may arise 10+ years from now
because, life happens 


Contact us today for your free consultation. 
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