Our Lifetime Warranty has proven to be very effective for over a decade. We honor our Lifetime Warranty clients and will immediately get to work on any new case, at no additional charge.  Just check out these reviews! 

My wife and I purchased the lifetime warranty and were amazed at the results that LSI achieved. After five years, it was time to get our credit ready to buy a house. LSI Credit Solutions honored our lifetime warranty and immediately jumped on it at no additional charge. Unbelievable care in this day and age. Thank you LSI! 
— Damien
LSI was great at helping us improve our credit scores. They counsel you prior to taking any actions to get things done. Very well worth the fee for a lifelong membership. If we need them again, we can come back and they get to work for us without another fee! Great company that really want to help.
— Ebony
Serge and the LSI team are exceptional. LSI was recommended to my wife and I as we were recovering from the financial challenges of 2009 - 2012. They make smart recommendations and their strategies to restore and rebuild are effective. I was a bit uncertain on “investing” into this service but I am more than satisfied and pleased with the lifetime warranty and the results. I absolutely recommend this service to those who need to rebuild credit.
— Mike

Our dedicated team works hard to ensure that you see results and your credit improves.  Not only in the short term but for life!  You never have to worry about your credit again when you have a Lifetime Warranty with LSI.

Our Proven Lifetime Warranty guarantees protection on all current and future negative credit reporting items that includes all of below: 

  • Your own personal Client Manager who will meet with you in person.  They will give you a detailed review of your 3 Bureau Credit Report* and customise a plan to restore and build your credit using the LSI proven strategies.
  • Representation and Debt Negotiations on verified collections.**
  • Investigations and disputes directly with your creditors and the 3 Credit Bureaus.
  • Negotiations & Payment Arrangements for defaulted Medical Bills, past due Rent/Lease Bills, and Traffic/Court Fines.
  • Student Loan Negotiation for lower payments/settlements.
  • Representation on stipulating Judgement and Wage Garnishments.
  • Support from our attorneys on FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) to review all collections for potential vioilations. 
  • Provide guidance for personal Financial Planning, Insurance, Budgeting, Tax-Free Retirement and Investing.
  • Your own secured online portal to track your progress.

*Your Client Manager will help you purchase an up to date 3 Bureau Credit Report without a hard inquiry on your history. 

**Our experienced team is able to negotiate collections on your behalf.  All negotiated debt is subject to a 15% settlement fee payable to LSI Credit Solutions.